Since I was a little girl in Honduras, I've loved using my hands to create things whether

on paper, of clay or pieces of fabrics stitched together. I've been fortunate to have the

support of loving parents who encouraged my need to create art even if it meant they'd

come home to find that  the curtains had now become my latest project. My parents and

I always knew I would be an artist. 

In 2006,  long after marrying a wonderful husband who is my high school sweetheart, my biggest fan and favorite critic and having two beautiful girls who make wonderful studio company, I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Central  Oklahoma.

In college I found amazing professors who introduced me to many thoughts on art, many art skills and techniques. However, traditional techniques in oil painting were not included. So, in 2009 with some oil paints, a few brushes, a pochade (cigar) box, and two instructional books and I was off to my new journey, which was all recorded in my previous blog. I continue to learn from and study the works of old masters such as Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Henri Fantin-Latour, and John Singer Sargent who all still amaze and inspire my work.

I would love to say my work has some deep meaning of love, the purpose of life, or some important social political statement, but that's not the case. My intent is simply to capture the beauty that I see in nature, such as the flowers and beehives in my garden, and those items that show the hand of time or the antiques that simply bring me joy. In college, I told a professor that I just wanted to make pretty things. He said "that is the worst way to describe an artwork." However, I believe pretty things have power. A small flower can carry deep and meaningful symbolism and can be even powerful enough bring happiness in times of mourning. People have sacrificed freedom to acquire that which pleases their eye. Pretty things such as gold, precious stones or a even a tulip, have become the cause of wars or bankruptcy of a nation, as in the Dutch tulip mania. There is a lot of power in pretty things and my fascination with them is what keeps me putting brush to canvas.

In these last few years, I’ve been honored by collectors of my work in countries around the world. Recently my work has been featured on the Jealous Curator and Create Magazine websites. 
In 2018, my work was featured in Romantic Homes magazine and in Victoria Magazine. 
In June of 2019, my work was also feature in Victoria Magazine's book, Our Hearts are in England.

I continue to hone traditional oil painting techniques in my small home studio in Edmond, Oklahoma, where teach art and I paint pretty things and share them with others find such joy in creating art.


All Oil paintings are created on archival museum quality panels made of double primed 100% Belgian linen exclusively for oil paint. The linen is mounted on 1/8 inch MDF with a pH neutral adhesive , then sized and bound with linseed oil and one top coating of titanium white oil paint and finished to create an acid-free archival board that resists warping and provides protection from deterioration from moisture or mold.
The paintings arrive varnished and unframed. Please, allow 2-3 weeks after having received the painting to place it in a frame. 


All Watercolor and Gouche paintings are created from life using all materials that adhere to archival standards- watercolor and gouache on museum quality archival paper. 
The paintings arrive unframed and ready to frame.

*Please, notice that the edges are irregular, making the sizes somewhat approximate.

All Pencil and Conte pastel drawings are created from life using all materials that adhere to archival standards on museum quality archival paper. 
The paintings arrive unframed and ready to frame.

*Please, notice that the edges are irregular, making the sizes somewhat approximate.

All Fine Art PRINTS  (photographs of oil paintings created by me) are limited editions, no more than 200 prints per painting.

The prints have no white border, as the images are printed full-bleed extending to the edges of the paper they are printed on.

Prints are created using archival pigment inks on museum grade, archival heavy weight paper, leaving each print a fine, smooth matte surface. In addition all prints have a UV, water and scratch resistant coating. 

Prints are signed and numbered. Prints are a very different medium than oil paintings. Although it's my goal that the prints show the closest representation of the paintings, it is impossible to get the identical color and texture of the original painting. There is however, something very beautiful that happens in the print that softening of colors and textures that is appreciated as an entirely different art.

Shipping and Handling $10 USD within the U.S. (USPS Priority) $17 USPS International Priority

Orders are shipped 5-10 days after payment has been received. 


Preferred Payment PayPal 


It is crucial that I take the best photos possible which will represent the actual colors of the painting or print. However, if the painting is not exactly what you were expecting, it may be returned for a full refund (excluding shipping costs) within 7 days after the item has been noted as delivered on the USPS tracking site. No refunds or exchanges will be available after that time. 

Thank you for your interest in my work. 
Carolina Elizabeth

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