Carolina Elizabeth 

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January 25, 2020

I am overjoyed with your show of support, with your kindness, and desire to collect my work. I am truly honored. Thank you for being part of my creative journey.



The coupon code: PRINT2020 if for today and tomorrow. 

January 20, 2020

Finally! Limited edition art prints are finally available for your art collection!!! Thank you so much for being patient with me and for your appreciation of my work. I'm so very honored by your kindness.



PS Enter Code: PRINT2020 to receive 15% off your tot...

January 11, 2020

Dear friends,

I'm sure you've heard of the terrible fires causing so much harm in Australia. An IG artist has gathered a group of artists from around the world to donate work in the hopes of auctioning it off to raise funds for those in need in Australia. It's my pleasu...

January 3, 2020

First... Thank you all for all the love you've shared with me.

Thank you following my work, reading my rumblings. Thank you  I started typing this blog a while, but I kept coming back to it because I would forget one of the amazing event and professional art opport...

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