Giorno N.6 Fabric Facemask


Outside fabric is made from 100% cotton. The lining is a poly-cotton blend. 

Size: approximately 6" high x10" length. The mask is washable. Remove the aluminum strip nose bridgewire before placing in the washer.

This mask has a side pocket to add an optional filter. Please research which type of filter would fit your needs.  It also has a small top pocket to insert aluminum strip nose bridgewire. Two nose bridgewires will be included. The wires should last for a couple of wears and are replacable. 

The mask has soft elastic bands which may be adjusted by knotting the ends and they can be tucked in the sides to hide the knots for a neater look.

Please, note that this is NOT a medical grade mask.

There are NO returns, exchanges or refunds on facemasks or fine art prints. 

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