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Who Visits When I Revisit a Painting

Roses in Antique Silver Trophy Oil on Linen Panel 8"x4"

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Looking at some of the paintings I created in the past reminds me of the things that were going on as I painted it-like a small flashback. This feeling is even more vivid when revisiting a painting to make changes or complete a painting months after they've been painted.

I think I've told you in the past that some paintings take a day or so to complete. Some just require a bit of tweaking here and there over a few days. Others just need to become something else and so are completely scraped off and started again with a brand new idea. Still, there are some paintings that I cannot give up on. For whatever reason, I have this strong desire to complete them.

It is those paintings that give me such a hard time, but my heart doesn't want to let go of the idea. That is what I want to talk about today. Placing the brush on that canvas is like time travel-maybe more like déjà vu, or both. I can remember vividly the song that I was listening to, the conversation the characters from You've Got Mail, Victoria, or Downton Abbey were having during that time. Sometimes it's the conversations with family or friends, or things that I was thinking of--some good, some sad or worrisome. At times the sensation is so clear that it can be a bit jarring while being enjoyable.

This so happened as I revisited this Peaches with Blue and White Porcelain painting, which was started a few months back. Just when first dab of paint was to go on to the painting, Norah Jones began to sing in my head. It's the oddest thing to me, because at times the memories appear so clearly in my head.

Sunflowers in a Bottle Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"

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Hydrangeas in Blue and White Porcelain Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"

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Peaches with Blue and White Porcelain Oil on Linen Panel 6"x6"

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