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Announcing: Work is Now Available Directly ...

Old English Roses in Glass with Gold Accents Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"

Many of you have requested commissions or purchase of work that is not through an auction for many different and valid reasons. So, the paintings posted this week will be purchased via e-mail (first-come-first-serve).

Please forgive me, but I must say that as much as love to accommodate your requests, I struggle with commissions. Anxiety gets the best of me and I end up with a bad case of artist brain freeze and nothing seems to want to work for me and no paintings get completed. I'm trying to work out how I can get past this wretched anxiety. I've been avoiding the subject, but thought it's time that you knew.

Meanwhile, if you would like a certain theme or subject considered, please send me an e-mail and instead of seeing it as a commission, I will see how I can work it out in the studio as a suggestion rather than an order with a deadline. Once painted, it will be posted like others.

Thank you to those of you who are aware of this and yet continue to support my work. Thank you for all your wonderful support. Happy Monday to all of you.

Many hugs, CE

Peonies in Glass Vase Oil on Linen Panel 5"x7"

Original painting $160 (plus $10 shipping)


Ranunculus in Blue and White Cup Oil on Linen Panel 4"x6"

Original painting $120 (plus $10 shipping)


Silver Pitcher with Cherries Still Life Oil on Linen Panel 6"x6"

Original painting $140 (plus $10 shipping)


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