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What's Your Summer Binge?

Roses with Louis Vuitton Book (Fashion Book Series) Oil on Linen Panel 6"x8"

Original painting $260 (plus $10 shipping)


My favorite Netflix shows are those that have several series which I can just leave on while I get lots of painting done. Right now, my favorite is Offspring. It's laughing and crying, then repeat. It's perfect while I wait for This is Us and Victoria.

Oh, those of you who have purchased my work before are aware that I pride myself in using the best of materials for a painting that is long lasting. Throughout the years, I've used Belgium linen that is double primed to create an archival surface. I still love these panels and will continue to use them. However, I recently received some Italian linen panels to try and I absolutely love them. They are wonderful for sketch paintings because of the way they absorb the paint, but I still prefer the other panels for detail work that requires lots of layers. They are a bit pricey , so I don't think I will make larger paintings with them, but I'm enjoying practicing looser brushwork on them. I'm just letting you know why the change in some of the paintings.

Pale Pink Roses in Crystal Footed Vase Oil painting on Linen Panel 5"x7"

Original painting $180(plus $10 shipping)

Email for purchase inquiries.

Roses in Foot Glass Cup Oil painting on Linen Panel 8"x10"

Original painting $360 (plus $10 shipping)

Email for purchase inquiries.

Peony in Green Glass Oil painting on Linen Panel 5"x7"


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