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The Winner Is (Are)....

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!Thank you to all those of you who participated in my second drawing by following, subscribing and tagging-sharing my work with your friends. You are absolutely fabulous to do so.

As I posted on Instagram, for whatever reason, I get so very nervous when I draw names. This time instead of one name I kept drawing, so we have three winners. I will have to do this again in the coming months... definitely before the Holidays.

(The WINNERS are: First @elevengables (you have first pick) @dmarcol has second pick and @myluck87).

Blush Roses in White Porcelain Vase Oil painting on Linen Panel 5"x7"


Email for purchase inquiries.

Pink Peonies in Glass Cylinder Vase Oil painting on Linen Panel 5"x7"

Original painting $180 unframed

(plus $10 shipping)

Email for purchase inquiries.

Landscape No.4 Oil painting on Linen Panel 6"x8"


Email for purchase inquiries.

It is honey harvest time, and those ladies have been busy collecting lots of honey this year. The hives are getting full. At this time I have two hives that are just busting at the seams. I decided not get more bees for the third hive that lost its bees last year, but I will come Spring.

The Chanel Lipstick painting ended up as part of the drawing in celebration of National Lipstick Day.

Congratulations to all the winners and THANK YOU all for taking part. Let's do it again soon.

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