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Announcing a Studio Sale, New Online Store and a Request for Some Words from You Wonderful Collector

Lots of changes coming up:

First, my official online store will open next week so that you are able to purchase work directly. To celebrate the Grand Opening, I will offer a 20% discount most of the artworks on the shop, some of which have not been posted yet. I will make sure to have several paintings under $100. You might think "Christmas gifts".

Old English Roses on Linen Cloth Oil painting on Linen Panel 5"x7"

Original painting $180 unframed

(plus $10 shipping)

Email for purchase inquiries.

Second: all of you who have collected my artwork in the past know that I've enjoyed sending little watercolor paintings as thank-yous for you purchases. Those of you who have purchased in the past and those who purchase in the month of August 2017 will continue to receive a small watercolor painting as a thank-you with with every purchases you make until the end of 2018. After which I will have to figure another way to say thank-you.

Dusty Pink Lisianthus in Glass Bulb Vase

Oil painting on Linen Panel 8"x10"

Original painting $360 unframed (plus $10 shipping)

Email for purchase inquiries.

Third, I need your help please. I would like to add some words from some of you happy art collectors regarding the work that you've purchased from me or maybe some photos of the work in your spaces. This would appear on my website. If you'd like to help, please send the quotes you'd like used or the photos to

They would be greatly appreciated.

The photos below are from artist and designer Laurel Leigh, who is one of my new fabulous collectors from Athens, GA and create gorgeous jewelry herself.

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