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We Are Open for Business: Kicking it off in Style

You have been so patient with me... Thank you!!! The store is finally open for business so you can purchase directly. I can't tell you how excited and nervous I am. Cross your fingers that everything works out like it should.

New work is posted, my favorite of which is this Camellia with Chanel Ribbon. Those creamy whites were challenging, but that headpin with the Camellia was sure worth it. In the shop, you will find these along other pieces that are 20% off until Wednesday. Enjoy and think "Christmas shopping."

XX Carolina

PS: All of you who have collected my artwork in the past know that I've enjoyed sending little watercolor paintings as thank-yous for you purchases. Those of you who have purchased in the past and those who purchase in the month of August 2017 will continue to receive a small watercolor painting as a thank-you with with every purchases you make until the end of 2018. After which I will have to figure another way to say thank-you.

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