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My Obsession: Chinoiserie and All Things Blue and White

My husband enjoys surprising me with art movies and documentaries. One of which is "James N. Whistler: The Case for Beauty" on DVD and it must be admitted that I've watched it over twenty times. Despite my admiration of Whistler's work, I doubt that he and I would get along, as according to the movie he seems too be a bit pompous and loud. However, he and Henri Fanin Latour were apparently close friends and would write to each other often. So, Whistler can't have been that bad if he was friends with a flower painter. Right? There did seem to be something else outside of Whitslter's fondness for art and of Latour that we would have in common and that is our mutual obsession with blue and white porcelain.

My obsession with blue and white porcelain has been accompanied with chinoiserie style porcelain and wallpaper which has made its way into my art.

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