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Homage to Rachel Ruysch

Nerves always set in when I get back into the studio after a hiatus- however short it may be. I'm not sure if it's the nerves that make painting a struggle or if it's that the muscle memory of making brushstrokes has gone away. At times, it seems that maybe the overthinking of it all causes my hands to lose confidence.

However, after a few days of fighting, I am able to once again make sense of what my hands are doing and my hands start to react to what my eyes see.

Still, the nerves continue to make me queasy as I show you my work. No matter how many years I've been painting, the emotions are the same. I suppose it's what makes the whole thing so darn exciting and still gives me butterflies to my stomach.

So, it is this emotion that lead me to include the butterflies and dragonflies in my recent paintings. Then I got to thinking of the work of Rachel Ruysch and how it has called to me over the years. I went back and looked through her books at how she incorporated her insects in her studies. It was way too much fun. So, this series I dedicate to her work as it continues to inspire me.

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