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Just a few questions...

I am so thrilled that so many of have shown such a fabulous excitement over the prints offered of my work and have chosen to add them to your art collections.

It took a long while of research and testing out different print companies to find the one that offered the quality of fine art prints that I had dreamt of. However, I want to offer as many options as possible so that you have the right fine art print to meet all your desires.

So, here are my questions :

Would you be interested in more economical prints, but losing some of the textures of the current papers, or some of the characteristics (like water repellent/UV protection spray) while maintaining a high quality resolution?

What qualities do you find important in fine art prints (paper texture, high resolution, water repellent/UV protection spray, more economical price)?

Would you be interested in such prints in smaller or larger sizes 8"x10"? If so, what is your ideal print size?

Many thanks, dear friends. Hugs,


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