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My Little Painting in Randi Garrett's New Blush and Gold Room and 25% Off P

It was fabulous to see one of my Chanel No5 Bottle with Roses painting in the room of designer Randi Garrett. I wish I had that eye for design. Every room she makes over look absolutely lovely and romantic. I'm so appreciative of her and all of you who include my work in your collections... what a awesome honor!!!

I love to see them in their new homes, so I definitely appreciate the photos.

Thank you all of you who filled out the survey about prints. The results are: Almost all want high quality (of course) and some of you wanted smaller images and some wanted larger images. Some would like a better price (me, too).

Well, this Spring break I spent researching how to make everyone happy. The most promising option was to order the fancy, 100% cotton archival paper that I so adore and have a local printer print them for me as the orders come in--insuring that the colors and clarity is high quality. Well, it was a waste of A LOT of paper. (Me, crying).

Well, then I started to look into cutting the middle man and doing it ALL myself, with the help of my new assistant (my daughter). This way, I would have the quality prints in fine art paper in the sizes that you each want and that are not as pricey.

However, I found out that printers that would print archival giclée prints are very pricey.

So, I'm having a studio sale to 1. make some room for a new printer and 2. make some funds for a printer.

Last, I have been playing with oil sticks and trying to make my oil paintings have that look that my watercolors do. It was fun, and something that I want to try again from time to time. I do hope you like them.

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