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Sketching, Sewing, and Yes It's Prom

The printer has come in and so has the gorgeous paper. However, it's prom time, and it's been sewing a prom dress that has taken my time. Everyone says time goes fast and little ones do not stay little long, but it catches us by surprise nevertheless.

There's also been a room redo and a quick bathroom makeover (not by choice, but due to a leak after one of our sudden freezes here in Oklahoma.

There's also been a strive to get funding for our schools and so visits to the capitol in Oklahoma have left me feeling drained. Time to paint it is. In order to do, I thought I'd make a couple of sketches of azaleas I had picked up for Easter.

There will be new prices for prints in a variety of sizes once I get to opening the box and getting it running.

4x6" and 5x7" $38 6x8" $50 8x10" $60

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