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Feeling Thankful!

Here's to an eventful May! First, our baby is graduating! Having had our oldest when Robert and I were 19 years-old and right out of high school, not having a schedule revolving around a little one is a bit sad, scary, and overwhelming, but exciting. We are blessed that she has chosen to stay home and go to the nearby university.

Second, I received a message requesting paintings for one of my absolute favorite magazine. This is the reason that I have not posted new works in a while. Here are some of the ones I sent them. I will post them on my online store when I get them back.

Third, I caught my first bee swarm and am hoping they like their new home.

And fourth, it's the end of the school year and students have been how students are on the last couple of weeks of school, so I have been coming home to take a long nap after almost every school day.

I am looking forward to what I think will be a relaxing June.

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