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New Paintings, Prints and all the Restoration Goings On

Recently I listened to the audio of the book The Goldfinch. Although I find the character's story so different than anything that I've experience, so many of the things and the emotions he mentions have so many connections.

For one, his mother is from Oklahoma and her love of art and her loss of time and forgetting about the expected space meant to between the museum paintings and the viewer is all too familiar. I fear one day I may just get escorted out of a gallery or museum. I like to bring company to remind me when I forget about all those pesky rules.

His description of walking into an upholsterer's workshop reminds me so much of working with my parents in their upholstery shop getting to know so many furniture pieces inside and out. His fascination and love of old things is an emotion is something I totally get.

It's been nice to hear the story as I get back to painting in the evenings after leaving Maurice's restoration workshop.

Oh yes, my apprenticeship is everything I dreamt of and more. In fact, every time I think about it, I get that overwhelming sensation in the center part below my chest in excitement. What I had not prepared myself for was the joy people shared as they picked up their restored pieces. So far, I've been able to restore a painting and a few porcelain pieces, which I would like to request to use them in a painting. I can't say enough how much I love it all... the love of the pieces, their patina, and the process and care that must be given to each one of them.



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