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A Birthday to Remember

This year, I am teaching high school for the first time. I think I've mentioned before that I am a full time public school teacher--yes, in Oklahoma. Teaching is how I give back.

I was eight years-old when I came to the US from Honduras. I knew no English, but I was fortunate to have teachers who taught me to speak, read and write in English. There were teachers who encouraged me whenever I became frustrated and several who inspired me to be an artist. It is because I was cared for and nurtured that I have so much to give. So, I never expect anything in return because it is what I must do to pay it forward.

Still this year, my students gave me even more to be thankful for. They threw me a surprised birthday party. My birthday is on the 17th of this month, but they are only in my class until this week. They brought snacks and decorated the classroom on their own time with money they worked for themselves. Yes, I cried, and still get emotional about their amazing gesture. I will remember this forever. I wish I could share pictures with you, but I am very protective of them. I just want you to know that we have fabulous students in Oklahoma who will make amazing adults soon.

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