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The Unexpected Work

What have I been doing?

1. Teaching AP Art History, which means reaching back to college years to retrieve all that good-old knowledge. A lot of long nights trying to catch up, but it sure has been enjoyable.

2. I got two new bee hives (photos coming soon). I purchased one nuc, and split the other from my oldest colony. I also added 7 new chicks to my chicken flock. I'm trying to convince the husband for us to get two Harlequin Sheep. Maybe next year, since this year it's been pretty full of activity already.

3. I'm starting a garden again. This time inside our tennis court, where plants will be safe from deer who have no shame and will eat everything.

4. You know how anxious I get about commission. Mostly, it freezes me from doing other work, because I get so anxious I can't work on anything else until it is done. Plus, I tend to over work them and spend more time re-painting than just "painting." Anyways, there are commissions I just can't say "no" to because it is such an amazing opportunity, that I just have to take on the challenge.

Ashley Longshore, asked me to create a 4'x4' painting (up to this point my largest oil painting has been 9"x12") with hellebores, passion flowers and a couple of books of her choice (one is her book You Don't Look Fat, You Look Crazy). The painting if for her amazing new studio in New Orleans. I am so very honored. The painting took me a few weeks to paint, but I am so glad that I said "yes" to the challenge.

So, that's what I've been up to. What have you been doing this wonderful Spring?

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