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To Amazing Fathers

It's always amazed me how brave my father has been. Traveling all the way to the US with his family and then to have the dream and the drive to start his own business despite the many obstacles. He has taught me to dream big and work hard and continues to encourage such traits by both words and by example.

He and my mom have also instilled in me a love of craft and the pride of making things with my own hands. How lucky I feel to have such fabulous parents.

I've also been blessed to have a husband is an wonderful and caring dad who has shown my girls to be patient and kind. He reminds me and our girls that mistakes are not the end of the world and it's okay to not take things so seriously. While I lack humor, he makes us laugh and we can look forward to things being better when he comes home.

The painting of the chamomile is of chamomile flowers from my garden. I've been looking for a large, big belly mug for my coffee. My husband was excited to find me what he thought was it. It was a large white mug and it came with seeds. Sadly, the mug was made as a planter, so it had a hole at the bottle for drainage (not ideal for coffee drinking). Still I love it and the chamomiles in the garden make me smile every time I see them.

Happy Father's Day to you and all the amazing dads in your life.

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