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Bees and Flowers

Dulce Amor apiary is growing. My tough hive- the one that was very protective- might have swarmed and half of them taken off with the old queen, leaving the hive with no leader. Fortunately, I noticed another hive was looking to swarm and several queens were on the verge of hatch out. Two of the queens each went in their own new hive and another queen cell went to my "tough" hive.

Each got plenty of nectar and brood and bees to help them take care of the hive and the babies. I'm happy to announce that they were all successful splits and now my little apiary is looking like a tiny village.

Meet Queen Vigee LeBrun, Queen MS Merian, Queen Beatrix, Queen Morisot, Queen Ruysch, and Queen Artemisia who now leads my tough hive and seems to be making bees that are nice to me.

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