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Shabby Chic and Me + Biggest Sale

For many years I've been inspired by Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic style. I've watched her on TV, on YouTube, purchased her books, some of her decorating pieces.

I feel a connection to the love of all things pretty, pink and those that show the love given by others as they used those items daily-- not to mention her love of roses. So, it is with an amazing amount of honor that I would like to announce that now my art will be available for purchase at the Rachel's Shabby Chic in California and online. Also, the work will be bigger, made on wrapped canvas panels.

The works in this post are some of the paintings that will be available at Shabby Chic.

Paintings and prints will still be available for purchase through my site where, however other pieces will be exclusive through the Shabby Chic store. I can't tell how much of a dream this is and I thank you so much for appreciating my work, for the encouragement

So, yes, the sale is 35% off ALL paintings on my gallery store until Wednesday.

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