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Inspired by CHANEL

Although there were several tough things happening this year, overall I had way more things to be thankful about than not.

I am thankful:

Of course, I am thankful for family and friends and the time I get to spend with them.

-to connect with all of you and to receive such wonderful notes of encouragement all year long

-to be teaching art- I've a fabulous year with my students

-to make art and connect with so many more amazing art collectors

-to grow my restoration business

Lots more, but these are the big ones.

I was rattle my brain trying to come up with an idea of how to thank you. I was listening to Art and Cocktail podcast and she mentioned that you (the subscribers to my website) are the most important people that follow my work. And she is right! Many of you have been there from the beginning. You give me feed back. You inspire and encourage me and you keep me painting. Many of you have supported by work by purchasing at least one painting or print. And some of you share my work with others who have also done the same.

Usually I like to surprise collectors who have made several purchases. So, I thought I would give four paintings throughout the year to subscribers. No purchase necessary, and no timing (just that the four paintings must be given out by the end of the year). My thought is that this way I would not be stressed about having to do it by a certain time. I hope this sounds like a good idea to you, too. THANK YOU!!!!

Hugs, Carolina

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