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2019 Recap... and Last day of the Art Sale

First... Thank you all for all the love you've shared with me.

Thank you following my work, reading my rumblings. Thank you I started typing this blog a while, but I kept coming back to it because I would forget one of the amazing event and professional art opportunities that 2019 offered me.

There were some that I still cannot believe:

1. My work was in the front page of a newspaper in Alva, Oklahoma. Thank you, Jo Decker.

2. A few of my paintings also appeared in a Victoria Magazine book!!! Yes, a bona-fide book! Thank you, Victoria Magazine and Jordan Marxer for such an amazing surprise.

3. My work was added to even more collections around the world and I was able to add Greece, Norway and Finland to places where my little paintings can now be found. I also have the honor of knowing that my work in the collection of fabulous designers and artists who are also authors of inspiring books like Charlotte Moss, Kathryn Greeley, and Ashley Longshore. Oh, my goodness, I can't say how much of an honor their desire to have my work in their art collection has been.

4. This year the dream of being including in the beautiful Shabby Chic store was realized, thanks to Rachel Ashwell and Janis Faye. I still can't believe it!!! Thank you both!!!

5. My restoration business has been growing. It's amazing to think that you trust me with the things you find to be special and beautiful so that I may make them look the best possible and extend their life so that you may continue to enjoy them.

What I'm forward to in 2020:

1. You've been so wonderful to request prints, but they just didn't seem to come out right. However, we finally got it right. So, I spent a lot of time going through paper and inks to figure it out. I will be taking few weeks off from the site (so the shopping part of the gallery will be closed) in order to take the time to print and prepare limited edition prints to be available for your collections. The online gallery will be up and running on January 20th.

2. My work will appear in the March issue of Victoria Magazine, thanks to the talented stylist, Melissa Smith.

3. I'm looking forward to doing more restoration projects. It's been dream come true and how wonderful it is to know that that chance has been made available to me!!

4. There have been a few failures in my attempts to record a painting video, but some lamps, tripod, and other recording tools are on their way to help me do a better job and make at least one video available.

5. Personally, I need to take better care of myself. I have let self-care go and that needs to change. So, as exciting as all the things from my list are to plan, I will have to remind myself that accomplishing such things will be easier and feel better if I am taking care of myself. I hope you are able to do the same for yourself. You deserve it.

Thank you all so much for ALL your kindness. The wonderful accomplishments from 2019 have only been made possible because you support and me in this creative path. I send you all a big hug and wish you all an amazing 2020.



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