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Oh, the Tears

I just cannot say thank you enough!!! Yes, it's been a couple of weeks of lots of tears--almost ALL happy. First, I was so very thankful that so many of you would want prints of my work. Then I was nervous about sending off so many prints and wondering if you were going to be happy with them...lots of tears through days of shipping. Then there were tears when you sent me such lovely messages letting me know how happy you were with your new prints!!! Then repeat the following week.

THANK YOU!!! It's an incredible honor and thank you for the patience in receiving them--packing took longer than I had imagined, but please know that I tried to ship each one with as much care as possible.

As if that's not enough, seeing my work in Victoria Magazine's March issue. Their stylist Melissa, placed my paintings in an absolutely gorgeous room. The entire magazine is filled with lovely images.

All this being said, I did try to get some painting done, but my larger pieces just weren't working. I did complete a few smaller ones, some of which I had started a while back and they made me really excited to show you. I do hope you like them.

Oh, I'm not sure if I've mention, but I've decided my new goal is to move to France and buy a chateau to repair---all thanks to Stephanie from Chateau Diaries on YouTube... I guess I must tell my husband of my plans... Maybe I should make it an Italian villa instead. That might be easier to convince him of. Wish me luck.

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