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Sending You Love

This is all I will say about our current situation:

Up till a few minutes ago, I was planning on shutting down my site and just hunkering down. Then, I got an amazing email from a lovely collector in the UK. I asked her if I could share parts of her message. This is what she wrote, "...At this time it is when we need artists the most, for inspiration and hope of better days to come, and to keep beautiful things around us that make us happy".

Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder. I'm not sure that I can make any difference, but I sure hope so.

So, what am I up to? The David Austin rose order was delivered this week, including two Latour roses! Right now, they are soaking in water and I am hoping to plant them tomorrow. I also have seedlings sprouting which make me smile every time I see them.

Also, I was messaging with Danielle Krysa from Jealous Curator about needing inspiration. She suggested I paint some roses in pretty liquor bottles. I have painted a couple of bottles in the past, but have not combined them with roses. The husband and I went to our local little liquor store and found some pretty bottles, one of which was Aviation American Gin by Ryan Reynolds. I am so thrilled that they have shared my painting of it on their site. I hope you will visit the Aviation American Gin Instagram page and give a "like" for me, please.

So, I'm wishing you good health and lots of happiness. To do my part, I have made a few prints available of the recent works, and all prints will be 20% for the next week. I ask that you please be even more patient than you are with me regarding shipping, as I'm avoiding making too many trips out. I promise that as soon as you order, your print will be reserved for you.

Thank you so much for giving me hope, support and sending your love. I am so lucky to have such an awesome community that keeps me going.



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