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Part 2 of the Demo is Up!!

Oh, my goodness speaking is not for me. So, this is the their time that I've worked on an intro/materials video and after an hour or so blabbering on about anything and everything, I find out that I did not charge the camera or that I forgot to turn the camera on. I'm starting to think it's just not meant to be. However, if I had a middle name, surely it'd be stubborn.

So, I'll have to give it a try again next week. Meanwhile, I hope you will go watch the second part of the demo on painting magenta roses. If you just like to see paintings, but know of a fabulous creative person who likes to paint, please share it with them. I would sooooooo much appreciate. Or you can just listen to me speak about who knows what.... I got tired of deleting stuff, so I just went with whatever I said for the last two thirds. Click here to view.

Wishing you LOTS of happiness and good health.

SD hugs,


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