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In the Studio with Marie Antoinette, Latour and the Generous Gardener

Well, today I went into the garden and something is eating everything! After research, I found that neem oil might help. So, some should be on the way. I'm working really hard at keeping it all organic- for ourselves and my bees.

The chickens are doing great. One of our oldest girls is named Chrysanthemum and poor gal wants to be a mom so much. Every Spring and part of summer, I have to take her out of her brood box so that she will eat and drink. Otherwise, she will stay there all day everyday. So, this past week I purchased some fertilized eggs for her and I hope they will give her a baby or two. Cross your fingers.

Oh, I've added a small pond for the bees and they seem to love it. I couldn't help it and added a few gold fish in it and some plants. I'll try to take a short walk to show you what I have been up to. But remember, I am not a good gardener... it's all stubbornness that gets me out there growing things year after year despite all the sad looking plants. But I think it might be fun to take you on a walk around my "gardens".

Looking around the garden, I realized how generous gardeners are. I have a vitex from my friend, Frances, who also brought me a waterlily for my pond when she learned that I could not find any. I also have day lilies from my friend, Gail and I recently received some gorgeous rhubard crowns from a friend in West Virginia. How wonderful is that?! I love that my garden is already embodies so much kindness.

So, aside from all the digging, planting, watering and ordering more gardening tools, I've also been sewing face masks like a mad woman. I've mention on Instagram (I usually update more regularly on there) that after sending some to nurse friends and to family and friend. I've made several with some lovely floral fabrics. As a thank you for all your support, I will send a mask with each June order. Plus, all paintings will be 10% off.

Your support has made an enormous impact in my life. Your purchase of my work has made my art dreams a reality and I can't thinking how to say thank you enough.

Wishing you lots of happiness and good health.



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