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Roses, Lavender and Love in June

June was a roller-coaster of emotions. My youngest and her fiance had planned a wedding for October. Well, seeing how things are going around the country and fearing that things may get worse, they decided to just make it June- giving me three weeks to do as much as I could to make a beautiful wedding for them.

Of course, how do you plan for a wedding during a pandemic?

First of all, missed many of our family and friends as we had to limit it to just immediate family due to current circumstances. Even with the few people, we had to find different ways to practice social distancing, which is extra hard when you want to celebrate the couple. So, I made several benches and we collected a few tables to keep our expected 6' and I also made face masks for everyone for extra measure. I'm so glad everyone was on board and tried their hardest to do right.

I've always made my girls' dresses for all their special occasions, so making a wedding dress has been in my heart for a long while. Just like all others, she collected images of wedding dresses letting me know what she desired from each so that we could create the perfect gown for her. It may be just this ol' mum talking, but she looked perfect.

We made little flower arrangements with lavender, mint, rosemary, and eucalyptus and tried our hardest to decorate the best we could. There was a lot planned, but only about half got done. After the wedding, I was finding packages of things we had ordered for different ideas we had, which did not come to fruition. In fact, time went so fast and we forgot so much that the day of the wedding I forgot I was still wearing my painting flipflops (with paint splatters and all) while I performed the ceremony. Well, I lucked out that the couple are easy going and were so happy. My husband and I are so very happy for the both of them and glad that we were able to celebrate their nuptials the only way we knew how - with lots of love.

We knew being empty nesters would be difficult, even though we are very happy for both our girls. As the day grew nearer, my heart was filled with so much emotion. However it did not hit as hard until yesterday when I was folding cloths and at the end of a couple of baskets noticed that I did not have a little pile of clothing for my daughter. So, there were lots more tears shed.

Since June took a lovely detour from plans and I did not get to paint much, I am extending the fabric facemask gifts for the month of July with every painting you purchase. They are limited and I'm still not sure if I will be offering them for purchase (I'm a slow sewer so it takes me a long while to make each one), this will only be for purchases of original works and not for prints, which will be available on Wednesday.

You all have been so lovely to send happy wishes and sending messages of all kinds. Thank you.

I send you lots of love.


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