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New Prints and a bit of the Garden

Are you a planner or a dreamer? It would be wonderful to be both, but I find myself more of a dreamer. This helps at times, because it means I tend to jump head first at things. Sometimes, I make it and then other times I have to rewind a bit to fix errors. This keeps me painting, planting and learning (although sometimes the hard way). However, many times it would be so nice if I let excitement aside and actually created a plan.

Gardening is one of those activities which so much needs planning. I dreamed of a gorgeous cottage garden like those that seem to just grow out of the ground perfectly while the gardener just throws caution to the wind, much like the gardens on National Garden Scheme - if you haven't watched the videos, I suggest you do. They are wonderful and surely you will enjoy them! So, despite all the advice from gardeners on YouTube, and everywhere else, I spent all extra money on seeds and plants with no plan as to where I would put them; I sowed too many tomato and squash seeds (mostly because that is what seemed to be a success). My remedy to too many seedlings, contrary to the advice due to the size of squash plants, was to plant them in every nook and cranny in the garden. Of course they've over taken my gardens - yes, in the front and back yard. Oh, and I planted too early (so Ezri and I were out there covering plants after a late frost back in March, which feels like years ago), which means I lost a lot of my flowers, most missed are the snapdragons and sweetpeas (insert sad face).

All this being said, I found that my gardening skills are getting somewhat better. This makes me excited to show you what I've grown so far. The thing I learned the most is that I need to make a plan - Yikes. So, now I'm saving money for plants I sooooo want in the Spring, like lilacs, wisterias, lots of hydrangeas, and some Heritage roses to keep my David Austin roses company. This time I'm going to plan. I'm starting with a list of mistakes I made this year and lots of images of the potager I'm dreaming of.

About the prints, since you were so very kind and patient with me, I'm offering a coupon code for 10% off your total purchase. Plus, I'll include a shabby chicish face masks with ALL orders over $200. The CODE is SUMMERROSE

Many hugs and wishes of happiness and health to you.


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