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One of My Favorite Decisions

Who would have thought that at 19 I was going to make one of my best decisions?! I think about that as my husband and I are soon to celebrate our 26th Anniversary.

In ninth grade I met the boy who would later become my husband. We graduated in May of 1994. On August 10th of that year we had our first daughter who was born at 25 weeks and weighed 2 lbs. 1 oz. She's 26 now and a wonderful human being who we are very proud of. On August 16th, while I was still in the hospital still recovering from several seizures and a c-section as a result of dealing with preeclampsia, my high school sweetheart and I got married. Five years later, we added our youngest daughter to our happy family to make an even happier family. We are so very proud of the human she is as well.

For our 26th Anniversary Robert gave me this beautiful Beatrix Potter Garden book and it inspired me to paint this rabbit painting of one of the rabbits that live in the bushes between our house and that of our neighbors. One day as I am walking out, Robert turns to me and says "Shhhh. You're going to scare the rabbit away." I'm not so kind, as they eat my garden. They have no shame as I catch them eating my plants and they just stare at me as to say "Don't mind me. I'm just having a snack." Anyways, I say "Good! The (blip) keep eating my plants." And Robert responds "but they're so cute!" That's just who he is. He's caring, funny, smart, and the most handsome ever! He's made the best dad and a wonderful husband. Things have not always been easy, as most things go, but I know I'm a very lucky girl and he tells me that he's pretty lucky too so I know we must have something good going.

PS. The last of the masks are now available for this weekend.

Thank you so much for being so kind and appreciative of my work. I'm so blown away by you taking your time to read my ramblings and see my work.

Many hugs,


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