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Getting Ready for the 1st Day of School & I would like your help, please.

This will be my 11th year to teach. Every year I say "this will be my last" because it's always a tough job, but I absolutely LOVE teaching- specially anything to do with art or art history. I've wanted to be a teacher since I was little as much as I wanted to be an artist.

All throughout my life, many teachers have encouraged and inspired me and it is my turn to do the same for others.

Plus, this year I get to teach high school art and Humanities!

As exciting as it is, it's a different kind of school year and I know I am going to have to pivot a lot and teach using as many tools as possible to be prepared for whatever the students need.

I've never really used books in my class. I usually come up with my own lessons or research lots- which is really enjoyable. However, now I have to give my students many more options. To be honest, I'm not sure what will work and what I'm going to have to change immediately, but I want to start the year having as many opportunities for them to gain creative and artistic skills so that they can continue to express themselves... now more than ever. I also want them to use art as a means of therapy, as I believe it to be a valuable tool for healing and relaxing no matter what is going on in the world or in their lives.

How can you help? I have made an Amazon wish list for my classroom and I hope you will consider donating items for our classroom. Although I teach high school, my students are at all levels so I have to have ideas for all of them.

Please click here to help our class.

If you have other suggestions, that would be fabulous as well. I want my students to learn a lot and have fun making lots of art this year while staying safe.

Thank you sooooo much for everything you do to support my endeavors. You fill my heart with so much gratitude.

Oh, there is a new short painting demo on Instagram.

Many hugs,


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