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Yes, I'm Ready for Fall

Spring is my absolute favorite season. I start planning for it in December. This time even sooner. I've already placed my order for bulbs, more roses, and lots of seeds. I've been saving for a new garden with pretty flag stone, pea-pebble, and a pretty fence to protect my roses for the eating-me-out-of-house-and-home deer. I can't wait!!!

Still there is this sheer peace that seems to come with Autumn that I am looking forward to. I have a fireplace that I've been waiting to reface and create a new mantle for. I had plan to do it in the summer, but we had a tiny wedding instead. As soon as I get done with building a new pantry in the garage, I will begin that project. I might be over my head, but like most things, I'll know once I get there. The goal is to have it done before Thanksgiving, which feels like a world away, but we all know better.

I hope you have projects you are looking forward to this Fall.

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